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Anthropology and Sociology

Learning 4.0
Communication Design for Medical Training
Realtà aumentata e virtuale per la formazione
Virtual Worlds and Augmented Reality
Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management
Digitalization and Cultural Heritage in Italy
Design esperienziale e musei
Ambienti di apprendimento
Knowledge Governance and Ethos
Applied Ethics in Mental Healthcare
Employability: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the “Glocal” World
An e-Real in Dubai
e-REAL: Interactive Tutorials and Holograms for Medical Education
e-REAL per comprendere, interpretare ed agire in scenari complessi
e-REAL: Enhancing Intelligence
e-REAL: Enhanced Reality Lab
Glocal Working
Gli strumenti dell’etica
Ethics & Business
Going Home
Good Thinking. Seven Powerful Ideas
Il corpo
In Praise of Reason
Lavorare in teams virtuali nel mondo “glocal”. Come fare?
Learn How to Learn
Le trasformazioni del lavoro negli scritti di giovani ricercatori
Lo psicologo al lavoro
Culture e organizzazioni
Provocations. Philosophy for Secondary School
Reimagining STEM Education and Training with e-REAL
Società della conoscenza e formazione
Teaching Plato in Palestine
Transizioni scuola-lavoro
Giovani e lavoro
Giovani e mercato del lavoro
Regulation Failures
Rappresentare i perdenti
Europa del sud
Diseguaglianze oggi
Reinvenzione del lavoro
Il lavoro emergente
Creare valore con la diversità

What We Do

Thanks to our special tools and intervention’s techniques, constantly developed since 1996, we can easily determine learning needs, as well as build knowledge, skills, abilities, and assessment systems. We work with corporations, their universities and academies, midsize enterprises, museums, schools, colleges and universities, towns, governments, professional bodies, international organizations, and healthcare systems.

Our Learning & Development solutions, based on our applied research, are cutting-edge and effective.


Who We Are

 We provide the fastest and most cost effective way to answer your practical questions and your needs related to Learning & Development, because we are the applied research branch of Logosnet. Our solutions derive from the best minds at work: goal oriented achievers, exceptional scholars, and trusted professionals with business savvy and broad industry experience.

Our name is Logos (λόγoς) because in the ancient Greek philosophy it is the principle governing the cosmos, as well as the human reasoning about our world. Originally a word rich with meanings—such as a ground, a plea, an opinion, an expectation, word, speech, account, reason—Logos became a technical term mainly for a principle of order and knowledge.

In a nutshell: our Logos is knowledge and know-how, systems thinking with deep contextual intelligence, scenario analysis with both a helicopter and a field view, relational and interpersonal communication awareness, understanding of continuous change.

Our key factors are knowledge and know-how: significant knowledge is the result of the link between abstraction and concrete behaviors.  Knowledge, know-how and action as one is our vision. Our mission is to learn through experience and reflective practice, knowledge sharing,  communication, education and training, assessment and people development.

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